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GoalMaker is the complete online solution for achieving your goals.

Anyone can set a goal, but achieving that goal can be difficult. GoalMaker’s online Goal Setting Program helps you along a step by step pathway to accomplishing your long and short-term goals using our logical and successfully proven strategy.

How does GoalMaker work?

After identifying what it is you want to achieve and the important roles in your life (career, work, extracurricular, personal) then stating your vision for these roles, GoalMaker guides you through the method for setting long-term goals in these areas and provides strategies for accomplishing them.

GoalMaker’s helps you:

• Create Action Plans: break down long-term goals into smaller, more manageable tasks.

• Generate ‘To Do’ lists, prioritised to keep you on track

• Review short-term goals weekly to help you stay focussed. 

• Check in: compare your progress today, compared with last month or last year.

• See the big picture with GoalMaker Outline: a unique tree graph to help you visualise your roles and their associated tasks and goals.

• Allocate Responsibilities: assign responsibility for goals or tasks to particular people.

• Celebrate your wins: each goal you achieve goes in your Wins List. Review this list and celebrate your progress. 

• Review the Data: compare your targets with actual progress, adjust priorities or targets as required. 

• Track it all: a one stop action plan providing an overview of all your goals, and the step-by-step process for accomplishing each and every one.

GoalMaker is also available as a smart phone app – so now you can identify, set, track and achieve your goals wherever you are in the world. No more excuses!